From 2016 to 2018, our family left the comfort of a good home to go on a new adventure, a new life, a new journey. We bought a 45-ft sailboat and sailed from Canada to the Caribbean, including two months volunteering in Honduras. We didn’t know it would change us so much, deep inside. Our values changed. Our perception of the world changed. Our needs changed. Most importantly, we saw the world through a different lens. A more natural one, a more sustainable one.

We witnessed a wonderful world, beautiful places and gorgeous land. We were welcomed by very poor countries, so rich in traditions and values. But we were saddened to sail in a sea full of plastic. We visited remote areas where ditches and fields were covered with pollution. We saw that our precious planet doesn’t have any Plan B. 

This is when & where we had a strong feeling that we needed to make a difference. An immense appreciate for our planet was born, linking every single species together to form this world we live in. We need each other in a very real way. Now, we want more than ever to help you take every available step to reduce your footprint, to help our planet recuperate from the many mistakes we have inflicted upon it.


More than ever, we have the technology, materials, and knowledge to achieve way more by using way less. Let’s embark on a positive journey together, starting now, so our children and grandchildren may have a healthier planet.  

To help you remodel your existing home to become more energy efficient, Martin is working towards becoming the first certified Net Zero Renovator in the Okanagan Valley. This program is offered by the Canadian Home Builders Association, and offer recognition to homes that produce as much energy as they consume.

Annie is always on the lookout for greener materials and products, without compromising style and beauty.

Together, we can bring your dream of a beautiful, earth-friendly home renovation.