Everything you can imagine is real.

Pablo Picasso
Quality | Passion | Pride

Our Values

We love to keep things simple. From contract forms to building sites, every piece of the puzzle is well organized and as simple as it can be. Even personally, we have few belongings. But what we have is high quality products that last long time. That is what we want to provide you with. High quality services and homes that will last a lifetime.

We value the effort of producing so we try to avoid over consuming. We value our planet so we want to reduce our footprint. We value the community so we try to buy local. Above all, we value our work so we want you to be happy… and share the word.


We would rather have one client at a time and make sure we offer the best of us.


What a perfect job than making your dream come true. You dream it, we make it happen.


Your satisfaction is our greatest reward and pride! We make sure you are beyond satisfied.


We respect our nature and work with it. We offer sustainable solutions and greener options.


From paperwork, to job site and project designing, we have an incredible way of been organized… and we wont let go of that.


When others may find problems, we find solutions. It is one of our strongest ability.

Together to serve you well


Sincerity | Devotion | Engagement

Our team

Working as a team for over 20 years in three different provinces, we know the construction industry from inside out. We went from sweeping floors on construction site to managing commercial and institutional site, to way more precise custom work. We worked from home renovation, designing tiny houses and full remodel of vintage Airstream to fine cabinetmaking.

What we prefer above all, is our client’s satisfaction. You can be sure to have an impeccable service. We are so grateful to do what we love every day. We are passionate about our work and are proud of making your life a little better with our design and skills.  

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.

Henry Ford

Photographs by Jon Adrian

Martin has been working in construction for over 20 years. He climbed the ladder with determination and passion. Graduate of a building mechanical technique, he implements his knowledge of “behind the walls” with experience. He managed commercial site for years, before moving towards cabinetmaking. Driven by passion, he loves to create unique furniture for each customers. 

Martin loves to have an organized and clean place to work, where things run smoothly. He makes sure the construction site is safe and efficient. Now teaching for the Okanagan College in sustainable building, he is on the lookout for the latest construction techniques to apply to his projects. He will ensure that each construction respects the building code. 

When not working, Martin loves to ride his mountain bike with his family or go for a ski run after a clean snowfall.

It is with great intuition and a refined taste that Annie incorporates in each realization a unique and functional touch. As everything is in the detail, she adds innovative ideas in every project for a stunning and unique effect. She loves to connect with the client and fully listen to their needs to be able to create their perfect space.

Mother of three and experienced in tiny living, she is passionate about architecture, organization and has a great background in Interior Design. She is inspired by nature, wherever she goes, to provide calm and peacefullness in each project she complete. Now in the look out for real estate investment, she is growing her own porftfolio.

When Annie isn’t at work, she loves spending time with her children, running in the valley and going for a yoga session by the lake. She just published her first book «Partir pour mieux revenir» on Amazon. 


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo Da Vinci
Passion | Adventure | Creation

Our story

Husband and wife since 2003, we were lucky enough to have met in our younger adulthood. Since our first date, we traveled, worked in construction and talked about renovating this house or that one. We owned and renovated more than ten properties over the last 15 years over Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia. Busy working, rockclimbing, cycling and flyfishing, three little adorable human beeings came to life and fulfilled every spare minute we have.

In 2016, we decided we needed a big change so we sold everything we had and bought a sailing yacht, a Feeling 446 from Kirié. We went on two years living and cruising the Caribbean sea, from Canada to Venezuela. This extreme family adventure through different cultures and countries put our mind at the right place and our values back to where it belongs. 

We decided to come back to Canada. We missed our work. Now more than ever, we want to offer quality over quantity. You can be sure to have our experience and construction background working for you. We love challenges, and we embrace them with passion.