The Kitchen Bench

This kitchen was a pleasure to remodel. Dealing with client this nice shouldn’t be called «work»!

We were greeted by 3 enormous dogs on our first meeting. Our client, mother of 3 children, definitely needed more space in this kitchen. The only request: blue cabinets… and more space, obviously! Removing all the weird angles, removing the door between the living room & the kitchen and removing the unnecessary exterior access gave us so much more room. We were able to add a long counter space, able to accommodate the home computer. Because everybody knows, it always happen in the kitchen! 

The kitchen feel so grand and spacious now. We wish them lots of happy shared meals. 

Photographs from @monicajacksonphotography

SkillsListening to client needs. Cabinetry.
Good design & after vision
ChallengeLots of weird angles


Thank you very much. It was a pleasure working with you guys. Your style was exactly what I needed and the precision and the carpentry for the cabinets was awesome. Hoping I can get some more work done with you guys in the future!


Naramata, B.C.

The floor plan - BEFORE

The floor plan - AFTER


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