ClientMartani Family
SkillsAirstream restoration

Tiny house for 5!

After sailing for 2 years in the Caribbean, this Airstream was designed and chosen to be lived in full time. The idea of living in an enclosed house after the freedom of the sea was unbearable. Airstream seemed to be the perfect way to go for. 

Meticulously thought, every inch serves to make this perfectly organised 200 square feet tiny house for 5 people. Everyone has a private bed with a private space. An office space was added for working on the road. A washing machine added extra luxury to the space, making it a full time livable Airstream. The unit was fully capable of living off grid as long as water was nearby. The gorgeous wood stove made it perfect for those chilly evening and morning!

The unit has sold to a lovely family with two young twins. We wish them a lot of good memories camping and exploring the nature. 


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